Saturday, January 2, 2010

Past lives, healings and the whims of Spirit

I just finished a shamanic healing for a client. Spirit just makes me laugh sometimes with the way It loves to throw my preconceptions and ideas in my face. I suppose I deserve it at times!

I have been one who always rolled his eyes at "past life" issues. Everyone I meet in the shop who claims to remember a past life, or has had past life readings done for themselves always seems to have been someone famous or important. Everyone was Cleopatra, or a Lord or Lady. I have never met anyone who was a scullery maid or stable boy. I viewed much of peoples "past life" issues much the same as the self proclaimed "Ascended Masters". I had always viewed the majority of it as a means of self aggrandizement, of boosting self esteem in "this" life by "knowing" they were important in another.

Today's client...Spirit just completely threw that in my face. The client has had issues with anger, balance, acceptance, body comfort, body image, so many things that just didn't make sense for them in this life, no real issues or traumas that would cause such things for them.

I opened the circle with drumming and singing in the directions as usual, North for air, East for water, South for fire, West for earth, Lower world and my allies, middle world and my ancestors, upper world for my teachers and guides. Once sacred space was created, my client and I just sat and talked for a few moments, what was bothering them, what they desired. Everything they said, the anger for no reason, the desire to just rise above it all, the disconnection and dissatisfaction. Spirit just kept flicking my on the back of the head saying, "they've lost the joy".

So, I had my client get comfortable and embarked on the first journey of the process. No sooner had I gone to the lower worlds and connected with my animal allies, Cicada came and said we weren't staying there. We flew up into the middle world, the realm of our ancestors, this reality, the "river of blood". I met briefly with my ancestress and she told me this was all going to be middle world and past life work for this client. Of course, I rolled my eyes. She just laughed and pointed off into a gray cloudy sky, and Cicada and I took off.

I found myself in a gray, sooty, industrial England of old. And found my client there, a widowed woman working 7 days a week in a textiles factory trying to support herself and her 3 children. She was miserable, angry, unhappy. She hated being a woman and not able to support herself and her children as she would if she had been a man, she hated working her fingers to the bone 7 days a week, 12 or more hours a day, for not enough to survive. She hated not only her life, but life in general. One of her children had run away, just to get away from her bitterness. She had been beaten down, worn down and eventually lost her life in carelessness with the machines she hated so much.

This was the life and the part of the client I was meant to heal, the anger and dissatisfaction that had carried over into this life. How? I returned to the lower worlds and asked my animal allies and closest connections what we needed to do. Once again, they laughed at me and said there was a reason I was instructed to put Poseidon on the altar for this one...and off to the upper worlds I went.

Poseidon gave me specific instructions as to healing the past life, severing some of the connections of that life to this one, extraction work on the negative intrusions in the clients heart from this past life and specific instructions to bring the part of the soul that was this past life to Him for cleansing and healing.

Three journeys later, extraction work, it was done. Interestingly, during the disentanglement process of the past life and this one, the client became queasy and had to go to the bathroom several times during the session. After the journey to disentangle the past life, the client asked me what I had been doing, they felt pressure and pulling on their heart as I worked. (I had not told them of the extraction details at this point, that I needed to remove intrusions from the heart. Only that there was extraction work required.)

As we were finishing, another past client came into the shop. The current client hugged me and left. I asked the past client about how they had been doing since their healing and received, "its peaceful inside. Its wonderful seeing in color again, nothing is gray anymore for me".

Just Spirit confirming that I need to stop being so cynical and giving me a great big, "SEE?!"

You just have to smile.

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